7 Tips to Help You Learn Spanish Faster

Are you studying Spanish? Would you like to improve on your Spanish learning pace? If your answer is yes, then this article is for you. In this article, we will look at ways in which you can boost a Spanish learning process. If you would like to know more about this topic, then follow along as we unravel the secret towards being fluent in Spanish within a short period.

Learning languages is mostly perceived to be tedious and overwhelming to many people. However, all this can be changed by ones’ mindset. Once you decide that learning Spanish is not all that hard, trust me will seem more straightforward.

However, the way you undertake your studies also plays a significant part in learning foreign languages. Therefore, let us look at ways in which you can enhance your Spanish studying methods.

  1. Create a sizeable Spanish vocabulary
  2. The Spanish language is made up of many words; they can be termed as the building block of the language.

    To boost how you learn the Spanish language, you will want to read and understand multiple words used in the language.

    To ensure you understand the words quicker, try to use them daily. Doing so will make them stick in your mind quickly.

    But if you would like to learn Spanish even faster, there is a trick that you can use.

    The Spanish language has a thousand words that act as the basis for the entire language. You hence require to learn those words, and you are good.

  3. Self-studying course
  4. Taking a Spanish course is an excellent step towards learning the basics of the language. Each detail required for a beginner is provided, and all you need to do is learn.

    Taking a course also helps you understand audio better, boosting your listening skills. You also get the advantage of undertaking conversations with other people.

  5. Online Spanish tutor
  6. If you want to catalyze your Spanish learning process, it would be wise to find a tutor online.

    There are a lot of tutors willing to help you out. They charge a small amount of money, but the results are worth it.

    Here are tips to ensure each study sessions with a tutor is effective:

    • Cover new vocabulary and topics each day
    • Focus on building conversation instead of studying

    If you are taking a Spanish course, your tutor should offer Spanish homework help. You, therefore, get to understand what was taught during your class too! Win-win.

  7. Do not dwell on Spanish grammar
  8. Beginners almost always make this mistake. What you have to remember is that Spanish grammar is almost the same as English grammar. Hence, if you are good at English grammar, do not dwell on it while studying Spanish.

    You require only to have a basic understanding of Spanish grammar, other than that you are good.

  9. Do a lot of Spanish reading
  10. As a beginner, you might find it challenging to study Spanish; however, as you grow your vocabulary, you will eventually find it easy.

    Reading a lot of Spanish helps you build your vocabulary immensely.

  11. Incorporate Spanish in your life
  12. To learn Spanish better, you require to blend it into your lifestyle. Here is how to achieve that feat:

    • Start watching Spanish movies and news
    • Attend activities where everyone speaks in Spanish, for example, yoga
    • Interact with people Spanish
    • Watch online clips where content is delivered in Spanish


  13. Traveling abroad to learn is not a good idea
  14. Learning a foreign language is better executed in your home town. You can learn a foreign language quickly when you interact with people who are also learning the language.


However, if you move abroad in an attempt to master a foreign language, you will find it difficult to. People there will mostly perceive you as a tourist and speak to you in English most of the time. Hence it is not a good idea.


Learning Spanish is not an easy feat; however, it is not impossible. Once you follow the tips provided in this article, you will find learning Spanish relatively easy.

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